Here at Life Chiropractic Goondiwindi we have a focus on you, your health and results. Our chiropractors are all highly trained in a range of techniques. From the most gentle applications through to manual spinal adjustment, activator method, drop release and rehabilitation. The type of adjustment used will vary depending upon your needs and choice .

Chiropractic is for everyone – we see babies as young as 5 days and our oldest patient is 101! Our techniques are modified so that we can offer the best in chiropractic to all your family members. At Life Chiropractic Goondiwindi we place an emphasis on empowering the patient with active care i.e. helping you look after your back the best possible way.

"Chiropractors are the Mechanics of your body. We find and tune the movement of the body to allow better function, pain relief and health. If your stuck, feel you have poor wheel alignment, trouble revving the engine. We can help!"