Kim Hunt - Chiropractic assistant

When you give us a call it's Kim's voice you will hear welcoming you. Kim is a local and if you don't already know her you soon will. She is brilliant at making you feel comfortable and giving you all the information you need to feel confident in your visit to Life Chiropractic Goondiwindi.

Dr Cate Andrews - Chiropractor

Doctor of Chiropractic.Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine) - RMITMaster Clinical Chiropractic - RMIT
  • Registered chiropractor.
  • Australian Chiropractic Association member.
  • Australian Spinal Research Association member.

Cate is originally from Brisbane, she is a mother of two and is the principal of Life Chiropractic Goondiwindi. She finished her duel degree with honours at RMIT university in Melbourne. She has a keen interest in posture and importance of spinal health. Her passion has led her to study intensively on posture and functional neurology and the spines relationship to the brain.

She loves seeing all members of the family and likes to empower you to understand your body and take charge with your health.

Dr Cate Andrews - chiropractor goondiwindi

"I love the challenge that work brings every day. Understanding the body and helping to bring it back into alignment. I love being a chiropractor and believe it has alot to give to health care. I have an emphasis on posture, which I believe gives better function and movement allowing you more in life."

Dr Chris Scott - Chiropractor

Doctor of Chiropractic.Bachelor of Chiropractic Science - (Macq.) Master Clinical Chiropractic - (Macq.)
  • Registered chiropractor.

Chris started at Life Chiropractic Goondiwindi when Cate was on maternity leave. He loves coming to Goondiwindi so much he makes the time to keep coming out. He now visits only once a month and we wish we could see him more, however he is very busy on the Gold Coast where he has now settled in a new practice. Chris is amazing at searching and finding misalignments. He has been a chiropractor well over 10 yrs and has a wealth of knowledge and experience.