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Dr CATE ANDREWS - Chiropractor

Doctor of Chiropractic.
Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine) - RMIT
Master Clinical Chiropractic - RMIT
  • Registered chiropractor.
    Dr Cate Andrews - chiropractor goondiwindi
  • Chiropractic Association Australia member. 
  • Australian Spinal Research Association member.
  • Follow Wellness based paradigm and am passionate in improving health with a holistic approach.

  • I have worked with children and infants. I have helped the 

    ageing get more out of life. 

    I have also managed some 

    specialty neurological cases. 

    However the vast


    majority are in discomfort and seeking relief.

    I believe in

     posture, in better movement and function. 

    I want


    to help people take positive action allowing them more in life.


    "I try to help people align to their best strong posture. I believe function and movement allows you more in life."

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